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Hi there,

You may wonder,  why the domain name of this site is “katanarunner.wordpress.com”, is it a kind of plagiarism from Blade Runner?

Well, I have to admit that it inspired me indeed; I am a big fan of this film and very interesting in science fiction, especially cyberpunk. When we talk about cyberpunk, great works such as Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner, Asian theme is everywhere in them, from the language that folks speak in the street to the signposts and holographic advertisements on the surface of giant building (Usually Chinese and Japanese character ).  So in some ways, cyberpunk can be described as something that is quite “Asian”.

When I heard the word “Asian”, what comes to my mind is a Katana (As an Asian, I don’t know why Katana, don’t ask!). Then I think, maybe combine the word “katana” with “runner” can be something that sounds really cool. I showed it to some of my friends, and according to their reactions, I think it would be a nice name for my domain name, and so it is.

In the coming weekend, I will update more posts to clarify what I would like to do in this blog. Mainly popular culture, games, films etc., here I talk about nearly everything! And by the way, I know my English is pretty bad, but I will keep working on my writing and try to make myself understood!


What this blog is about?

This is a blog which interest in Science fiction, films and games.

Basically a mixture of all those themes, even some “academic” stuffs!

So far, this blog is still in the process of completing, posts will be update irregularly.

Here is my contact information:

Email: sw16800@essex.ac.uk

David Wang

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