Bladerunner 2049 part – 2

Now here comes the part two!

In the last post, I mentioned that Japanese themes are everywhere in this film. Indeed, just see what Sony did, a huge-scale holographic advertisement on the building. Since this film is made by Sony, is it really necessary to put their ad in the film?

Sony Banzai!!!

When poor K get home, he is literally gluing his wound. That’s… tough, really. Although not as tough as Rambo in First Blood, still, it is impressive. And I am wondering is it really glue or just some kind of future-product that looks like glue but can heal your wound quickly?

“You’re hurt, I am not paying for that ”    “I will glue it”

Then after K glued his wound, he got himself a bowl of noodles (or it could be something else), and it looks crystal and probably full of protein (the one that is from protein farm). It is not hard to image using those protein powders to produce some instant food like noodles. Although a simple meal like this offers you enough energy, it might be tasteless I suppose.

I was keeping thinking this is from Sapper’s protein farm

Here it comes my most favorite part of the film. K was chilling himself on the chair, and his virtual companion Joi help him to light up the cigarette by pointing her finger at it. This is something amazing, isn’t it? Technically, Joi herself is something holographic in this room. Without any physical contact, she passes enough heats to the cigarette and light it up. If there is laser coming out from her finger and light the cigarette, that will be understandable. But actually, there is not. It keeps me wonder what technology is this.

After a long day, even a replicant needs a cigarette

Switch back to the LAPD, K and his colleagues were checking evidence that he found in Sapper’s place. And one of his colleague Coco, he was wearing a plastic outfit, it might be a raincoat or something. Such costume has a very strong sense of cyberpunk. In order to protect oneself from the harmful acid rain and dusty weather, a handy raincoat will be a perfect choice.


Also, the machine they were using to scan the bones, just makes me think of the machine that Deckard used to enhance the photo he found. Both of K and Deckard keep saying something like “zoom in”, “enhance”, “move to the left” while checking evidence they found.

A practical design

K brought some DNA samples to the Wallace company, and try to ID whose bones are those. And while he was searching for more information, the representative of Wallace, Luv, she was busy talking to a lady, who seems to want to order some sex toys for herself.

“Unless you’d like to add some pleasure models to your order”

When Luv get the message that K is here, she stopped the conversation and went down to see him. And soon when K knows that her name is Luv, he was a bit surprised. Maybe giving the replicant a name is not a common thing in this future world. Another thing is that it seems there is some sort of connection between replicants, and without saying it, they what each other is. In the film when Luv and K meet each other, there is no conversation about their true identity, but they know that they are both replicants.

“He named you, you must be important”

Luv seems to be not happy with K’s talking, she did not answer him. She leads him down to the room where the data is being stored. And on their way to that room, they pass by a mini-museum where you can see the whole series of the replicant model.

Replicant model collection
Nexus 08

After the visit in Wallace company, K turns to Gaff, Deckard’s ex-colleague for more information. And it is very awesome that the actor is still the same one, Edward James Olmos! It is funny that the way he dresses and the hairstyle keeps me thinking of KFC.

Old Gaff, I am still thinking about the commander in Battle Star Galactica

Gaff is retired and having a causal life, after that many years, he is still good at paper folding. And I don’t know if he is still using paper folding to offer some hidden information or not. The one he made for K was a bull I guess. Deckard has been living alone for a long time, and if K found him and break the peace of his life, Deckard will be very offensive and aggressive. According to what happened when K broke in Deckard’s place, he was really acting like a bull.


I think that is bull 🙂

There will be part 3 soon !

It is not finished yet!




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