Oxygen Not Included: Not in My Brain at Least

This post original from: https://www.g-cores.com/articles/25894.

Today I checked the Chinese hardcore gamer community, and just found a very nice article which talked about a “beginner unfriendly” game–Oxygen Not Included.

Why it is so unfriendly to beginners? Well, I will say that this game is lack of proper guidance. For those who haven’t experience such kind of game, they will find quite difficult to get into it.

You will start with three replicants

In this tricky game, you got tons of things to think about. The oxygen level, water resources, electricity, food consumption and population etc. You need to imagine yourself as their 24/7 babysitter. The game is going on in an underground space where contains many resources and also dangers,  you need to command these three replicants digging dirt and building facilities to ensure the survival of this mission.

Digging digging and digging~

The three replicants you get from the beginning, each of them has different talents and gifts, and you can pick up replicants by random selection until you get those with the talents and gifts you want. Replicants with good talents will help you a lot in the beginning of the game!

Some replicants will be very picky about the living environment

Although they are replicants, they have desires too. And they are also human-like, they need to go to the toilet, they need to eat and sleep, they will get sick or have mental breakdowns… etc. From the screenshot above, you can see that some replicants would like their living space to have more greens. And as their 24/7 babysitter, you gotta satisfy them with their needs, or they gonna have strikes like everyone else in this world.


When you have managed to develop into a certain stage, you can have one more replicant, and for every further stage, you can have more. But sometimes it is not necessary to call in a new replicant right away when you have the chance, especially when you do not have enough food supplies to hold the population, or maybe you just do not need that many workers.


The goal of this game is to make a new home, a new world for these replicants in the underground space. In a sense, they are pioneers, and from playing this game, you may realize that building a new world needs not only efforts. When you lost one or two replicants in the game, you may think that a pretty new world is usually constructed upon the dead bodies of those pioneers, which I believe is very true.

Oxygen Not Included is available on Steam, if you would like to have a try or just wanna know more, just click here.


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