Looks Great! Someone Moved the Felyne Kitchen to the Reality!!!

I believe for those who like Monster Hunter, the Felyne Kitchen must be something that sounds familiar to you.

For those who do not know the notion of “Felyne Kitchen”, I will use a quote from FANDOM Monster Hunter Wiki, “The Felyne Kitchen is a recurring feature in the Monster Hunter franchise in which the player is able to gain status bonuses in a kitchen of recruited Felyne Chefs before going on quests by paying and choosing two out of the many possible orders”, so after all, a kitchen!

Okay, back to the topic. Recently, a Chinese Monster Hunter fan moved the Felyne Kitchen to the reality. The fan posted his cooking photos on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter (micro-blogging platform), he perfectly copied some dishes that appeared in the Felyne Kitchen. Now let’s check it out!


With the game Monster Hunter on screen, while having those foods on the table offers you a brilliant immersive experience of the hunter world!


Roasted beef and potatoes, which looks quite British, actually I was very surprised that the fan has managed to did this, because ovens are not common in China for most families.


Potatoes, beef, mushrooms, chicken legs, shrimp, and squid… I didn’t have my breakfast, I gotta stop now.



With Chinese new year approaching, these fans have a new excuse to enjoy a big meal!

The fan who made this post, his Weibo ID is @Reimus勤奋马强壮, here is the link to his Weibo blog: https://weibo.com/bagaxhentai?is_hot=1#_rnd1517873743487.

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