Game on WeChat: Jump and Jump

Back to last year December, the most popular social media app in China WeChat had an update, it fixed some bugs and applied some new functions, but these are not really important. This update included some interesting and addictive games, which are really good time killers!

One of those updated games called 跳一跳(Jump and jump) is the most brilliant one. The university I stay has quite many Chinese students, and when I was waiting the bus in the station, I can see many Chinese students keep their eyes on the screen and playing this game. So far, according to the People Daily’s report, there are 500 millions users are playing this game on WeChat.


That’s how this game looks like. In this game, what you need to do is hold your thumb on the screen, and make the black little thing to jump on the cube; the longer you hold the screen, the longer distance that black little thing could jump. And you need to pay attention to the distance between different cubes, some of them are far away from each other, and that will need you to make a precise judgement on how long you should hold the screen.

If player jump from one cube to another, player will get one point, if player fell from the cube, then game over. However, in order to be not that harsh to players, the games has some rules on marking: 1. if you manage to jump upon the central point of the cube surface, you will get extra points, the first time you jump on the central point will be two points more, the second one will be 4 points more, third one will be 6 points more and so on. 2. when you jump on some special cubes, such as Rubik’s cube or “music box cube”, stay on the cube for few seconds then you will get 10 points or 30 points, how many points the player can get is depend on the type of cube (Rubik’s cube: 10 points, “music box cube”: 30 points etc.).


The reason why this game is so popular among Chinese young people is not only the attractive game settings, but also the competitive mechanism. It shows your mark to your friends on WeChat, and that will make them competitive, try to have a higher mark on the list. For example, you got a friend that you don’t really like on WeChat, and you found that his/her mark is higher than you, and… yeah you get mad and play the game like crazy, try to get a higher mark or just be the NO.1 on the list.


Well, some people said that this game is a copycat. It is very much the same, comparing with the game “Bottle Flip!”, which made by Ubisoft Entertainmet.


Yep, just log in your Google play and take a look at screen shots of the game. Not much differences between them two. While in 17th Jan 2018, People Daily has report on the issue of “is jump and jump a copycat or not”. According to the report, WeChat and Ubisoft Entertainment have released a joint declaration that they have been working together on updating games on WeChat, the game “jump and jump” is a result of two companies’ cooperation, not a copycat. Personally, I leave no comment to this report, WeChat is own by Tencent, a company that is famous for copycats, as a Chinese young man who has experienced those Tencent’s copycats products in China, I don’t really want to judge that.

Here is the link of the report on People Daily, if you are interesting in this case, you can have look at it by yourself, but the report was written in Chinese, so I recommend you turn on the translation function in your browser.

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