About The Animation of “The Three-body Problem” Season 2

First, I have to admit that I ignored the second season of @神游八方‘s three-body animation. It was on the list of his video blog in Bilibili, and I did not notice that, so it is my fault, I apologize for that.

After watching the season 2, I was very shocked by the improvement he and his team had made. Comparing with the season 1, it is just another animation!

I feel my poor English cannot describe how the second shocked me, then let pictures do the talking:

Future city on Earth
Spaceship catching the detector from three-body planet
Dr. Luo Ji going to Wahington DC
US airforce F-22 and PLA airforce J-20

The second season has English subtitle for every episode, which is quite a good news for international fans. According to @神游八方, the storyline of this season will focus on Dr. Luo Ji (also known as Dr. Logic). Although there are only five episodes so far, he and his team had prepared this season for nearly two years.Here is the link for the second season: click here. Please enjoy!

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