Animation of “The Three-body Problem” in a Minecraft Style

Recently, I have reviewed a brilliant Chinese science fiction novel called The Three-body Problem (三体 in Chinese), which written by Liu Chixin, the English version of it won the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel and was nominated for the 2014 Nebula Award for Best Novel.

For those who have already read the book, I bet you will say it is quite a piece of marvelous work. The whole story just like the future epic of human beings in the universe.

Back in 2014, many fans in China suggest that The Three-body Problem should be moved to the screen and let the Hollywood makes this film. While the copyright of the novel has already been sold to 游族影业 (YouZu Pictures), a company that basically only has the experience of making video games and terrible games. This makes Three-body fans in panic, it is very obvious that YouZu Pictures will definitely screw up the film!

However, the power of fans should never be underestimated, a user in Bilibili ID called @神游八方, has tried to make his own work on moving The Three-body Problem to the screen. And from 2014 to 2015, he has finished the first season with 11 episodes in total. This user claimed that he and his team is a part of ETO (Earth Three-body Organization, an organization in the novel), which makes all the fans crazy.


This is the ninth episode of the first season, and since this episode, there is English subtitle for every later episode. If you start watching from the first to the last episode, you will find that the first one and the last one is totally different, @神游八方 and his team has made a lot of improvements since the start of the first season, they put many efforts to present audiences every new episode with better quality.

 This is the first episode
This is the ninth episode

Overall, I just want to share this with you guys, the first season is really worth watching whether you are a fan of Three-body or a fan of Minecraft.

Here is the link of the first season: click here.

PS: if you feel you dislike those barrages on the screen, you can click the button that cycled in red to turn off the barrages.


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