Starsector, a single-player version of EVE

It has been nearly a month since my last post, during this month, I was busy dealing with my coursework and looking after my cat (so I am now), then finally I have my Christmas holidays!

微信图片_20171219140924And by the way, this is how she looks like. She is a pretty cute girl that rested on my legs all night when I was doing my coursework.

Now I have been rested for a week at home, and just discovered a great single player game last night. It is called: Starsector.

By the name Starsector, it is very obvious that the game is about space. However, it is not just about the space. “Starsector is a single-player sandbox style space role-playing game with strategic elements”, said by  Fractal Softworks (the developer of the game) on their website’s FAQ. That means this game has the elements of RPG and strategy game. What’s more, all the things in this game is happening in the space!

As mentioned, it is a sandbox type of game, and now let’s take a look at the size of this “sandbox”. There are nearly a hundred systems on the map. In total, there are thousands of stars, planets, and moons are waiting for you to discover. In this game, you can jump into hyperspace and travel to any system as long as you have enough supplies and fuels. This sounds really science fiction and Starwars-like.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose to be a bounty hunter, a businessman who is leading a caravan, or a smuggler (feels like Han Solo in a sense).  Then you have to create your own fleet to protect the cargo or to hunt space pirates.


If you prefer peace, you can be a decent businessman that selling cargoes among markets in systems. The economic mechanism in the game is very interesting, the price in the market can be affected by various factors (e.g., size of the population, powerful industry, full of raw materials etc.). Therefore, you need to spend a little time knowing these things, it is not always easy to make profits.


However, you can never avoid a battle in this game. Especially when you step into a system where there is full of space pirates and unknown enemies. You need to keep your fleet in a good status and updating more powerful weapons on ships to make the fleet stronger.


During the battle, you can control the ship by yourself or just give it to the AI. But when facing massive tricky enemies, the AI seems to be powerless, you might need to command your fleet by yourself to ensure the fleet would not lose the battle.

So far, Starsector is still an in-development game. In the official website, they offer the preorder of the game and full versions of the game in the archive.

To know more about this game, click here, hope you will enjoy it!


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