Battle Royale – Part 2

In Part 1, we can see that before this evil Battle Royale begins, two students have already died.

Before those participators(students) leave the start point, each of them will be given a bag, which contains weapons (weapon can randomly be a knife, crossbow, rifle, pistol or even machine gun), map, compass, randomly items (torch, lighter, etc.) enough food and water.

Look at that, the weapon from the demo bag is a bloody hatchet!

What kind of weapon a participator can get is mainly depend on lucks, sometimes it is lucky enough to have a dagger or hatchet in the bag because some poor guys only got those:

Bring a pot cover to a gun fight

When students left the start point — classroom, many of them became aggressive and suspicious, the many-years friendship among those students seems to be disappeared. Some of them start killing each other immediately when they left the start point. Great pressures and anxieties turned those innocent students into killing machines.

Some of them were killed by mistakes before they killed someone else

When their priority is killing each other, they are no longer innocent students but ugly devils. Some top students in the class may totally lose their minds and killing friends without mercy.

She is like a “walking dead”, doing nothing but pulling trigger shooting friends

While some did not lose their minds like that, but hiding their devils deep inside; they sneak in shelters of other participators, after gaining the trust of those participators, they poison them or slaughter them all, while victims were defenseless.

Those who with kindness is not to last in this game

However, apart from these lunatics and scheming ones, there is a special one: an exchange student in the class who enjoy this game very much and also talented at being a butcher.

To him, Battle Royale is not much different from an FPS video game
Very talented at hunting and butchering others

Among so many evils, there are also good and decent guys who are not willing to pull the trigger and stick together to trying to seek out a way to get rid of this.


This film really shocked the audiences when it was first released, it shows not only how evil a man can be in such situation, but also make us wondering is goodness really exists in people when bad things happen.

Such theme becomes more and more popular in the field of video games, it makes players sink in the anxiety of hiding from other players or the fear of being killed by others, also the excitement of killing stranger players in virtual space.

Such video games, for instance, Playerunknown’s Battleground, which offers a virtual space that causes epinephrine increasing for players when killing each other without moral responsibilities.

If you are interested in this film, it is available on YouTube, please click here.

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