Battle Royale – Part 1

Today I am going to talk about a film—Battle Royale, which is the fundamental setting of a very popular and special game—Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. To many of you, I believe this game sounds familiar, to those who do not have an idea of what it is, click here 

Photo of Class 3-B, victims of the BR law

Battle Royale (バトル・ロワイアル Batoru Rowaiaru) (2000) is a Japanese dystopian film, which based on the same name novel by Koushun Takami (1999).


The background of this film is that after a massive economic recession, the BR law was passed by the authoritarian government, which as a means of population control. Then one year after the release of BR law, class 3-B was chosen as the new sample for the next Battle Royale, which means those high school students need to keep killing each other on a small island, and the last one of them will be the winner.

The teacher is giving a brief introduction

At the very beginning of the story, Class 3-B was taking a field trip, as the end of their high school. While school bus was not taking them on a field trip, but slaughterhouse.

In order to prevent resistance, students were gassed on the school bus

When they wake up, they found that they were in a classroom and surrounded by a bunch of soldiers. And soon they found out that their teacher was killed because he did not want those students to join such sick game—Battle Royale.

After the screaming and crying, the squad leader of the soldiers in the classroom turn on the TV, and it displays a very detailed introduction of Battle Royale.

 It is such a sarcasm that this cute narrator was always smiling during the whole introduction

During the introduction, there was a girl who cannot stand such things and had an emotional flooding, she was trying to resist and escape. The leader dropped a dagger upon her forehead before she runs away from her seat.

Pay attention to her neck, there is a “necklace”

 As you all may be noticed, the picture above shows that every student is wearing a “necklace”, and that thing actually is a bomb. It is multi-function device, it can locate everyone’s location and eavesdrop their conversations through radio wave; the most important function is that it can limit the participant’s sphere of activity in Battle Royale, which ensures that participants will be gathered in a limited area and killing each other. Once the participant went beyond the restrict area, the bomb in this device will go off and kill the participant.

The bomb in this device can also be turn on manually

After the introduction in TV, a boy named Nobu was like that girl, he went mad, and the leader set off the bomb in his “necklace” to make him quiet.


Just after the introduction of Battle Royale, there are already two dead bodies on the floor…

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