Gamecores, A Great Place Where You Can Talk About Anything But Games!

Just couple days ago, I found a very interesting website, GAMECORES, which has tons of deep-discussions in video games, animation, and films.


This website is run by a group of Chinese hardcore players, they are not only good at playing games, but also have a incredible base of knowledge of the video games’ background settings. And they make their discussions about games in a “radio” form, which combines pictures, text explanations, audios, links and timer shaft; by saying so much, it is hard to get an image of it, isn’t it? Well, that is how it looks like:

(Latest Radio Program About Assassin’s Creed: Origins)


Sometimes, there will even be cooking tutorials for game players, showing you how to make a simple and delicious later night supper for yourself after engaged in video games for four hours.


(Yes, it is for real, Mutton rice)


As you can see, in Gamecores, people talk about a vast range of stuff, even something that seems not relevant to games, so some Gamecores’ fans that said: “Well, we can talk anything in Gamecores but games!”

Unfortunately, Gamecores’ contexts are only available in Chinese so far; however, I will try to pick up some great contexts from it, translate them into English and post them on my blog.

If you have any further interest in Gamecores, you can find my Email address in Contact.

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